Mone’t Davis
My name is Mone’t Davis. This will be my first time writing for the newspaper. I would like to write about is about our students’  lifestyles. I’m not in any school activities at this time, but I am trying to get into this club where they go traveling and meet new people. My plans after graduation are to learn how to drive, figure out what college I want to go, and maybe get a job. I have 7 brothers and I am the only girl. I live with my dad. I have a pitbull named jazzy and she is a girl. I am 17 years old. My birthday is on June 24; therefore, I am a Cancer. I love to dance. I love to hang out with my friends.

Mone't Davis, Photo Editor

Dec 11, 2018
Goal! Girls Soccer at Heights (Story)
By students, for students
Mone’t Davis