Amaya Myles
Amaya Myles is a junior at Cleveland Heights High School. Her favorite things to do in her free time are to watch TV and to spend time with her 3 younger brothers. She likes to bake although she’s not very good at it. She’s always enjoyed reading and writing. She has many notebooks at home filled with stories and story ideas. She decided to do the newspaper not only because she loves to read and sometimes write, but her dad always thought that it would be something that she would really enjoy doing. For the past 2 years ,he’s been saying this so she decided to give it a try this year.  So far she really likes it. She thinks that anybody can join the newspaper as long as you have a clear idea of how to write a paper.

Amaya Myles, Journalist

Oct 03, 2019
Fall Recipes and Crafts (Story)
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Amaya Myles