Jamaria Fisher
My name is Jamaria Fisher and I’m a senior at Heights High School. I have two brothers. One is a sophomore now and the oldest just recently left for the military. I plan on going to a college out of state. I love talking and presenting, so my passion is to be a tv broadcaster. I used to love to do runway modeling more but I found a new passion because modeling only lasts people so long because of age, and I cannot see making that a lifetime job. I still would like to do modeling as something to do on the side to make a little extra money and to have other opportunities going for myself. I’m hoping while I’m in college that I get a huge job opportunity to work for a channel show as a broadcaster. I can’t really see myself not accomplishing big things in life. So my only goal is to be successful in the end.  

Jamaria Fisher, Journalist

Nov 02, 2018
Heights Tutoring Lab (Story)
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