Alex Grim
My name is Alex Grim, as evident by the title of this, so why am I even bringing my name up? Anyway, I’ll give a brief overview of my life, starting from my birth, to right now as I am writing this.
So one day, I was born, and my parent’s marriage was downhill from there. I don’t remember a lot of my school life from before middle school. I do remember how I pretty much would just play a lot of video games when I wasn’t in school or doing schoolwork, and it was fun. I especially loved the Donkey Kong Country trilogy that was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. I must’ve put at least 500 hours into the second game alone. It makes sense, seeing as that’s my second favorite game of all time. Then, one day, I went to middle school.
My sixth-grade year was terrible. That was an absolute trainwreck, and I hate talking about it. Seventh grade was awesome though. I had (mostly) great and fun teachers, I would walk home every day with my best friend, and my taste in video games was greatly expanded when I first played Metal Gear Solid for PlayStation. That game is absolutely magnificent in my opinion, and it made me appreciate gaming as a storytelling medium, which led me to discover and play some of my favorite games of all time, such as Silent Hill 2, Planescape: Torment, and Killer7. Eighth grade was pretty good, but not as good though. Then I had to go to high school.
My freshman year is a blur. I have no idea what happened for most of it. I remember meeting some great people who I’ve become great friends with and having fun, but I barely remember anything that wasn’t related to Robotics. I had a great time when we had our Robotics tournaments towards the end of the year. Our nationals tournament was overnight, and we had to stay in a hotel, so what I did was bring my Nintendo GameCube, and my friends and I stayed up two hours later than we should have just playing games, and we loved it. We ended up being the last people to show up for breakfast that morning, and the people who stayed in the room across from us hated it because we were too loud, but we had too much fun to care. For my sophomore year, some notable things that happened were that I met one of my best friends, I became a leader on Robotics, and I hit someone on the head with a bottle of water from a balcony at a Robotics tournament. I’m not ashamed of that last one, that was just funny. I also played a lot of video games, because of course, I did, but I got introduced to Devil May Cry, which is one of my favorite series now. That is where I will end this.

Alex Grim, Journalist

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