AP Adventure to Belize

Students visited the Belize Zoo, where they saw many plants and animals native to Belize, including the toucan, which is the national bird of Belize.

Abra Lisowski, Co-Editor

April 17, 2019

Over spring break this year, students from AP Biology and AP Environmental Science at Cleveland Heights High School took a week-long trip to Belize to study ecology, marine life, and conservation. On March 20, students departed from Cleveland early in the morning and arrived in Belize in the afternoon. The...

Reaching Musical Heights Concert

The Heights Vocal Music Department performing at the concert.

Emma Hubbard, Editor-in-Chief

March 15, 2019

Reaching Musical Heights is a district-wide concert that is performed every four years for the community; students of the district perform music they’ve rehearsed all year on the Severance Hall stage. The first concert was in 2003, and it has only grown and improved since then. This year it was on...

Big Changes for the Heights Swim Team!

The girls swimming team shows off their socks for fun sock Friday

Abra Lisowski, Co-Editor

December 7, 2018

This year, the Heights swim team is revamping and modernizing its swimming program. It is adding more traditions, changing its workouts and routines, and including more emphasis on overall health and wellness. Elena Rinaldi is a Junior this year and has been on the Heights swim team for three yea...

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