Staff Members React to Heights Re-Opening

On Aug. 21, 2017, the new and improved Heights High opened for the first time. Some staff members gave their first impressions and thoughts on the architecture.

“The first time I had seen the building was back in April of 2017, before it had even been done with and at first I wasn’t too pleased with the counselor’s office space because I knew from there, students were going to confuse it for the main office just like I did, but it grew on me a lot! I also thought the architecture was very grand and modern and a big step up from the original Heights High especially the air conditioning everywhere,” explained Mr. Rasul, school counselor, letters F-L.

“I absolutely love how the plans of the new Heights included old parts of the previous Heights which I think was a great idea for alumni to come and experience and also newcomers to the building. I also really enjoy my classroom space and storage and where my class is located,” stated Mrs. Kastor, Algebra I teacher.

Overall, they seemed happy with the new building.