Student Reactions to New High School

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Abra Lisowski

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Students attending Heights High this year have some mixed opinions on the new building. Ava Collyer, a sophomore, said that she was the most excited about the bigger classrooms, “And the temperature regulation in the school.” This sentiment resonated with other students, who did not like how unreliable the temperatures could be in the old building. Furthermore, multiple students complained about the size of the hallways, and that the stairs are not wide enough. “The stairways are the things that make most students late. They have to stop moving, because they have nowhere to go,” said Emma Hubbard, also a sophomore at Heights.

On the other hand, according to Sylvia Snow-Rackley, a sophomore, the pool is the best thing about the new school. Snow-Rackley has been on swim teams for seven years, and swam with Heights for the first time last year. Hubbard, who was on Swim Cadets last year, says she is also excited about the pool. For the past two years while the high school was under reconstruction, the Swim Cadets had to travel to Warrensville High School for all of their practices as well as for the final shows, which she says “cut down on practice time.” Hubbard feels that having the new pool at Heights will be a great benefit to the Swim Cadets.

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