Spirit Week 2017

Lyanette Jobson

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Spring Break 2018
March 29, 2018

Heights Tiger Nation recently had its first spirit week in the renovated building. The halls were filled with school pride and pre-game cheer. Many students took part in the tradition by dressing up according to the theme that day. Monday was denim day, Tuesday, students wore pink for breast cancer awareness, Wednesday, students wore blue in honor of the recent suicide of our fellow classmate Devin Peterson, Thursday was ‘80s day and Friday was Black and Gold day. Although many students were still grieving from past events, the enthusiasm was still evident in the halls Mareasiah Oliver, a junior, loved the ‘80s day theme as well as Chris Dixon, who is a junior as well. Chris also appreciated the inclusion of breast cancer awareness in the theme of spirit week. Nicole Tapia, a senior, remarked that’ 90s was her favorite day to dress up for. When asked what would they add or do differently next year for spirit week, Mareaisha said she’d have everyone wear white shirts and have paintball guns so we could all be blank canvases and Chris said he’d have everyone fully participate in breast cancer awareness day. Some funny moments they could recall from the week was watching the teachers and students dressing up for each decade. Chris specifically remembered a student who dressed up with an afro and boom box. When asked if they would miss spirit week if it were to be stopped, none of the interviewees said they would miss it.