Local Businesses React to Heights Re-opening

Lyanette Jobson

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Spring Break 2018
March 29, 2018

The renovations to Cleveland Heights High have made the building a focal point of the community, but what do other local businesses think about the reemergence of students back in the area? Many of the interviewees didn’t seem to have a problem with students coming in for business.  Renee, a CVS employee of 15 years, thought it was fine for students to come in before and after school saying, “It gets busy but it’s okay. We miss our customers.” Charles of Dollar General and Renisha of Wendy’s both felt that same way about students being customers. Charles explained, “They aren’t a bother.” All of the interviewees unanimously agreed that they had no concerns with Cleveland Heights students being customers at their place of business.

Now, all three of the interviewees are Cleveland Heights natives, with Charles living here the longest at 15+ years. Renee has lived here for four years and Renisha for ten. However, only Renee and Renisha are former Cleveland Heights High school natives. Renee thought the renovations were “beautiful and nice,” after having toured the new school. Renisha, on the other hand, has only seen the school from the outside, but still expressed that the school looks, “well done.” Both also shared a favorite high school memory. Renee recalled going to McDonald’s at lunchtime and sitting in the courtyard with friends. Reinsha fondly remembered going to Dewey’s and enjoying pizza then racing back to school before the bell.

One thing that all interviewees had in common was their love for the community and also for the school and its students. It’s safe to say that Cleveland  Heights students are welcome in these businesses.