Welcome Home, Heights Tigers!

The trials and tribulations of moving


Cleveland Heights Tigers can finally stretch their legs in their new territory! Over the past two years, while the high school underwent necessary renovations, students and staff relocated to Wiley Middle School. At Wiley, many difficulties arose. For example, the cramped space and layout made traveling to and from classes difficult. Staff, therefore, adjusted the rules and expectations. Now, for the 2017-2018 school year, Heights Tigers are roaring for the successful opening of the newly renovated high school. This “new” building is a much bigger and more spacious learning facility; however, not everything is as fully functioning as one would hope.

The move from Wiley to the “new” Heights was promised to be a smooth transition. This change turned out to be a bit more chaotic. Materials have yet to find their permanent home in classrooms and many boxes appeared in random work rooms and classrooms. Ms. Nicole Miller, the department liaison for the science department, recounted that she found her science equipment broken and in at least five different classrooms. Ms. Nancy Rich, the department liaison for the fine arts, found boxes for the foreign language classes in her room and has submitted several work orders to obtain all of the materials needed for her department.

Despite the chaos in the move, many people still praise the school. It has more space and better natural lighting in the classrooms. Teachers have better resources to help impaired students and classrooms are outfitted with better technology. “It’s the nicest, most modern educational facility” that Mr. Richard Wiggins, department liaison for social studies, has worked in. Ms. Miller has said that she also loves her classroom, “I’m dying in this room or retiring!”