Career Night at the Cavs


Left to right: Tommy Pierce( 12), Breona Milton-Payton (12), Jermaine Johnson(12), Arius Merles (9th), Cedric Little (12th), Cameron Huie (12th).

When Students of Promise took a field trip to see a Cavs game, it was a fun and informational night. “The purpose of this trip is to expose students to careers within the Cavs organization outside of being a player,” Mims said. Students were there to see a game but they also enjoyed learning about the careers within the Cavaliers. “This field trip exceeded my expectations and was fun and informative,” said Tommy Pierce. Jeramy Perry, one of the 20 students who attended, said, “I’m a fan of the Cavs and I’ve been going to games since I was young.” There were many opportunities and careers that, with going to the game alone, you would have never known about. Pierce learned that “The suites at the Cavs games weren’t actually hotel room suites. They were just a big room where they give you room service and you watch the game from a glass box in the stands.” That’s something that Pierce said he would have never thought about and found interesting. Students had new opportunities around every corner to meet people they wouldn’t normally have had the chance to meet. Mims said, “It will be in their best interest to take advantage of learning opportunities and chances to build relationships/networking because it will be beneficial to them sooner than they realize.”  Pierce said, “My favorite part of the field trip was being able to stand on the court and high five the players as they came onto the court,” Perry said, “My favorite part was seeing Flo-Rida perform”. Field trips like this can resonate with students and give them the opportunity to try something different.

Left to right: Tommy Pierce (12), Breona Milton-Payton (12), Jermaine Johnson (12), Arius Merles (9th), Cedric Little (12th), Cameron Huie (12th).