Criminal Justice


Front Row: (L to R), Breya Hinton, Alexis Williams, Ivy Lee, Nia Rollins Second Row: (L to R), Briana Sadler, Daijahna Williams, La’Nay Woodson, Isaiah Butler Back Row: (L to R), Tommy Pierce, Charles Stern, Keith Harris, Jericho Matheny, Claude Lewis

Tommy Pierce

Criminal Justice is a 2-year Career Tech program at Cleveland Heights High School. Students join the class during their junior year and then continue throughout their senior year to earn their certification in First Aid/CPR/AED and OPOTA  to become a private security officer. Many people don’t know that the Criminal Justice program allows high school students to gain a fundamental knowledge of the criminal justice system and its inner workings. It also allows them to get quick access to private security jobs as soon as they graduate from high school.

The Criminal Justice class is a great way to recruit private security officers and other law enforcement occupations as well. Although many students who join the Criminal Justice Class may not want to be a private security officer, it still allows them to gain a greater understanding of the Criminal Justice System and gives them a head start for future law enforcement fields of interest. This Criminal Justice class is a tedious course but will become of paramount importance to the student’s future. The class is highly encouraged to anyone who is interested in pursuing a law enforcement occupation. Use this class to your advantage to get a head start in your career!