Quebec Trip


The French students and staff accompaniments in front of one of their sights in Quebec.

The annual French trip this year took place from March 19th to March 22nd, and as always, it was a great time for everyone involved! The students traveled to Quebec this year, and spent their time learning about the history of the city and all about French culture as well. 13 students got the opportunity to take this trip, accompanied by staff members Madame Woods and Mrs. Pavel. The trip rotates each year between France and Quebec, and it is a great way for students in the French program to experience the culture and language that they learn about in the classroom.

Junior Cas Hoffman has been learning the French language for two years, and was incredibly excited for this trip. The most exciting parts were the experience of traveling to Quebec itself as well as sightseeing. There were no nerves for Hoffman, and he is looking forward to visiting again sometime! The best part of the trip for Hoffman was the group’s last night there, in which they visited a sugar shack and had delicious treats and got to see cute animals. He loved the French food and wished that the group got to experience more of it during their time there. Hoffman recommends both the trip and the French program itself, as it is an interesting language and culture that students get to learn about.

Helen Barr, a freshman at Heights, also went on the trip to Quebec. This is her first year in French class, and so far she has greatly enjoyed it. Barr was most excited for the travel experience as well as Hoffman, and she also was excited to be immersed in the French language and culture. Leading up to the trip, she didn’t feel very nervous, but while she was there she was scared she would make mistakes in her French-speaking. Exploring the city with her friends was Barr’s favorite part of the trip overall, and she would love to go back as it was “a beautiful city with amazing people.” The one thing that Barr would adjust is the length of the trip! She wishes it was longer so the group could experience everything the city has to offer.

The students on the trip got the experience of a lifetime, and made memories they will never forget. Both Barr and Hoffman highly recommend taking French as a class, as it is a wonderful language and not the hardest to learn! The trip is also a great experience that students might not get the chance to take otherwise. Hoffman wanted to remind his peers that “one can never have too many new experiences and adventures!” as one last push for this great program.