VMD Spring Tour

Emma Hubbard

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April 24, 2019

From April 4th to April 7th, students in the Heights High VMD spent their time in St. Louis, Missouri on their annual spring tour. Students spent their time performing, exploring, taking in the sights of the city and having lots of fun with each other. This trip is a chance for the members of the VMD to bond more deeply with their peers and socialize with the people they’ve been working so hard alongside for the past 7 months. Just like in years past, the 47 students that went on the tour had a wonderful time and are looking forward to the rest of their time together!

Anna Turner, a sophomore at Heights, has been in the VMD for two years. She has many close friends in the VMD but has found that she gets closer with everyone involved while on tour. Before she joined, she expected the VMD to be very strict and serious, but it has turned out to be very fun and almost like family. “Everyone is so welcoming and always wants you to be included.” No exception is made for tour! People are put in groups and get to socialize and bond with other peers, as well as make lots of memories. The groups sing songs and become really close over the 4-day trip. Turner’s favorite part of the tour was the sightseeing with her friends, especially going to the St. Louis Zoo and seeing the famous arch! She is looking forward to next year so that she can make the younger members’ trips as wonderful as hers have been.

This year was the last trip for Senior Emma Henninge, who has been in the VMD since her freshman year. To her, the tour is the celebration of all the department has done that year, and a chance to “relax and realize how cool what we’ve been doing is.” Henninge has loved her experience in the VMD and says she’s made more friends and memories than she ever could have imagined. Traveling with the close friends she’s made is another reminder to her about what a special and unique experience the VMD is. Her favorite part of the tour was the performance they did, because it brought them all together for a more casual show than usual, and they got to have a little bit of fun with it.

The VMD creates bonds between students throughout the academic year, and the tour is a way to celebrate and enhance those relationships. They have an opportunity to reflect on the year they’ve had together, and also get a preview of what the next year will bring. It is a perfect closing to the year for them.