St. Baldrick’s Fundraiser


Charlie King

Charlie King gets his head shaved for the annual St Baldrick’s fundraiser for childhood cancer research.

On March 17, students, parents and community members from all over Cleveland Heights attended the eighth annual St. Baldrick’s charity event. St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a charity created to help fund research for childhood cancers. As part of their signature fundraiser, every year on Saint Patrick’s Day, people raise money and shave their heads or donate their hair for the cause. Each year, Cleveland Heights holds its own fundraiser as part of this initiative.

Every year, the Cleveland Heights Community Center hosts the fundraiser. Barbers from around the community come to volunteer to cut people’s hair and shave their heads as part of the event. Charlie King, a sophomore, has participated in this event for three years and says he plans on participating next year as well. King said that community participation in events like these is important because, “it really promotes an effort for a great cause, and really brings everyone together.” According to their website, the Cleveland Heights Saint Baldrick’s organization has fundraised over $150,000. This money goes directly to helping research childhood cancers.