Emma Hubbard

The Heights Girls Lacrosse team is known for creating and shaping great athletes who love the sport!

The girls lacrosse team at Heights has always been known for the great athletes it produces, and the many students that go to college for the sport. Lacrosse is also a great way for students at Heights to connect with the school and with other girls on the team. The lacrosse season officially started on February 20th, but the team has been working out and doing preseason drills since December. A lot of girls start playing lacrosse in middle or even elementary school and continue into high school. They build up their skills and also their team as they go through.

Madisyn Moore, a junior at Heights, has been playing lacrosse since 3rd grade. She started based on a recommendation from her gym teacher in elementary school. It’s her third year on the team and third year as a varsity player. Her favorite part of the season is learning new drills and being able to work on her skills as a player. To Madisyn, the hardest part of playing lacrosse is getting back in shape and also being able to work together as a team in order to win and play well in games. The commitment and intensity of the team have allowed Madisyn to get closer with some teammates and she has loved her time on the team so far.

Senior Mila Zekic has been playing since middle school and has loved her time on the team. The team has been incredibly influential toward her high school experience and she is “so lucky to have it in my life.” Lacrosse has connected her to many of her closest friends, and also kept her motivated and active throughout school. She loves the bonds that form between teammates and all of the fun memories she has from her years on the team. Mila is not sure yet if she will continue to play in college, but knows that she will always remember her high school experience with it.