International Women’s Day

Left: Heaven Hayes and Erin Mims. Middle: Katherine strine. Right: Heaven Hayes and April Hayes

Left: Heaven Hayes and Erin Mims. Middle: Katherine strine. Right: Heaven Hayes and April Hayes

Thinking as Queens…

“As women, we have superpowers. We are sisters. We are healers. We are mothers. We are goddess warriors.”  Merle Dandridge

Women are looked over and face many challenges in life and they are set aside often. On March 8th, women all over will celebrate a day made just for women which is called “International Women’s Day.” We celebrate the achievements, hardships that are overcome, and much more but mainly just being a woman. Women wake up every day and face the world. They have many responsibilities and try to do nothing but their best.

Three women that deserve to be celebrated are April Hayes, my mother, Katherine Strine, AP Language teacher at Heights High, and Erin Moms, the Students of Promise coordinator. These women have made me look at different situations and helped me change many things. 

Each woman has a different take on International Women’s Day. Mims said, “A day to celebrate uniqueness and achievements of women.” Strine said, “I have not celebrated or acknowledged IWD in the past; however, I appreciate the message it advocated and represents.” Hayes said, “Bringing women together to advocate changes that affect all women in some form or fashion.”

Mims explained that her favorite thing about being a woman is the ability women have to nurture and love. Women are the ones who carry the babies for nine months, and that alone is beautiful. Strine said, “My favorite thing about being a woman is not being a man! No offense to the other half, but women are more complex and in touch with their emotions. I feel like men, while they have their strong suits, aren’t as complicated, and I like that about being a woman.” Woman aspire to be many things in life, even when they say the job is too big or it is not for women and that motivation to go harder.

When asked what woman inspires her the most, Hayes said, “My mom and Maya Angelou. My mom because she showed me by example to love and embrace who I’m and to stand tall for what I believe in. Mrs. Angelou, because she wasn’t afraid to open her whole life up for us to know, we’re not alone and because she is the proof no matter what life journeys you experience,  you control where you will go after those trials and tribulations. Women are the most awesome people on this earth.” Mims said, “My mom because she accomplished a lot and never made her family feel second to her, and Michelle Obama because she’s a great role model and demonstrates that success is attainable to anyone.” Stine said, “One particular woman who inspires me is my mother, but I am inspired by powerful women altogether. I don’t necessarily mean powerful by position, but powerful in how women speak their mind, represent their values and make themselves equal to men. I see this in writing and am inspired by that.” We are all women that have a purpose in life and we should all support one another. You may never know what the next women’s struggle is to yours and you may change a life.

Just remember, women are amazing.