Reaching Musical Heights Concert


Amy Rosenbluth

The Heights Vocal Music Department performing at the concert.

Reaching Musical Heights is a district-wide concert that is performed every four years for the community; students of the district perform music they’ve rehearsed all year on the Severance Hall stage. The first concert was in 2003, and it has only grown and improved since then. This year it was on March 5th, 2019. The concert always draws a large crowd due to the known excellence of the Heights student musicians!

Junior Noah Frazier participated in this concert, as well as the performance in 2015. He has been involved with music in the school district since the fourth grade. His favorite part of the event is getting to perform on stage, “It’s exhilarating!” The most difficult part is dealing with the nerves, knowing that such a large audience will see the event. If Noah could say anything to the audience, he would say, “I hope you enjoyed, because we worked very hard to bring it together.” To him, the concert is a great opportunity to perform and also showcase the musical talents within the Heights district.

Amy Rosenbluth is an active member of the community and has had two children go through school in the district. She was an audience member this year and says she has never enjoyed the performance more. This year she knew a lot of the students performing, and it was the first time she had seen most of them on stage in a formal setting. To her, the concert is a true bringing together of the community and a way to “show the kids that the community listens, and appreciates them.”

Junior Madalyn Shelt also attended, and she was impressed with the talent and seriousness of the concert. It was interesting for her to see her friends “in their element” and be so sophisticated on stage. She was involved in music in elementary and middle school but was too busy to keep up with it in high school. It was refreshing for her to see the kids she used to be involved with doing something so amazing and important to them.