Dashiki Day


Italie Demore

Pictured: Mr.Williams, Ryan Penson, Ms.Jackson, Heaven Hayes, Tommy Pierce, Nick Muford, Ms. Blue, Dr.McKinnie, Ms. Rich, Mrs.Washington (other two unknown)

As we all know February is Black History Month. On Feb. 26, 2019, Cleveland Heights High celebrated Dashiki Day, meaning anyone in the building can wear a dashiki. Dashiki first originated in West Africa. The colors in the Dashikis all symbolize something. Red symbolizes death, blue signifies love, green symbolizes fertility, and white symbolizes purity.

Heaven, a senior at Heights, participated in Dashiki Day. She said that she received a dashiki from a teacher to wear for this event. She owns two dashikis. She always wears the dashikis in the summertime. Heaven encourages others to participate in Dashiki Day as well.Tommy,  a senior at Heights, also participated in Dashiki Day. He said that he wears dashikis in the summer and he encourages the underclassmen to participate in Dashiki day next year! Shyanne, a student at Heights, said that she participated in Dashiki Day and it was a fun experience and others should participate as well.

We hope everyone experienced a wonderful Black History Month!