March 2019 Art Department Focus


An oil painting done by Junior Lily Waugh

Various art classes are offered at Heights High, from jewelry to ceramics, to photography. There is something for everyone!

 Lily Waugh, a junior at Heights, loves drawing and painting. She has taken Studio Art I and is currently enrolled in Studio Art II. Waugh has been involved in art ever since she was a kid. “I’ve just always been drawing, ever since I was a kid and I loved it so I never stopped.” Waugh draws inspiration for her pieces from all over. “Usually it’s pictures I’ve taken that inspire me to paint them or paint a variation of them. Sometimes dreams inspire me as well!” Waugh plans on improving her skills by taking more art classes next year.

Elena Rinaldi, a junior at Heights, loves art and is planning on majoring in art therapy. She is currently enrolled in Studio Art II and Ceramics II. Rinaldi loves art because it’s a good way to relax. “I got into art because my mom is really artistic and it’s a good way to relax during the school day, or just to have a chill class that I can do what I like.” Elena especially likes to incorporate abstract techniques and emotion into her art. “I like communicating and telling stories with art. I also just like vibrant colors.” Elena plans on taking AP Studio Art her senior year.

Abstract painting done by Junior Elena Rinaldi

 Zoe Burns, a sophomore at Heights is new to art and is currently taking Jewelry. Zoe loves how hands-on the class is. “I also love having the freedom to make every project my own.” Zoe is inspired by many things in her life when making pieces. “I’m inspired by my aunt who has been making jewelry for a while. I’ve always looked up to her and it’s great following in her footsteps.” Zoe looks forward to taking jewelry again next year.

Necklace made by Sophomore Zoe Burns




Heights High offers a variety of classes that allow students to have a creative outlet to express themselves during the school day. If you are interested in taking an art class, speak with your guidance counselor!