OMEA Solo and Ensemble Contest


Junior, Lily Waugh, performed at the OMEA Solo and Ensemble Contest on Feb. 16

On Feb. 16, the Cleveland Heights High Vocal and Instrumental Music Departments traveled to Mayfield High School to compete in the OMEA  Solo and Ensemble Competition. OMEA Solo and Ensemble is a competition where various schools come together to play different musical pieces. Some students performed a solo while others performed in a group. At the competition, a panel of judges that listen to the pieces and reward scores. The highest score possible is a one and the lowest is a five.

Marin Alcorn, a sophomore from Heights, competed as a soloist. She sang the Italian song “Gial Sole Dal Gange” by musician Alessandro Scarlatti. Alcoa received the highest score possible. “My favorite part was the second verse when it was talking about the stars over the Ganges River in Italian.” Alcorn looks forward to competing next year as a junior.

Lily Waugh, a junior at Heights, plays the flute. During the competition, she had a solo piece along with a group performance. “During my solo, they asked me to play a scale and a chromatic scale along with my solo.” She also performed a song with a quintet (a group of five or more people playing together). “For my group performance I was in a quintet and we were judged on that too.” Waugh received the highest score possible on both the solo and group performance.

Overall, the Cleveland Heights High Vocal and Instrumental Music Department students performed extremely well and look forward to next year’s performance.