Celebration of Chinese New Year at Heights High


Abra Lisowski

Students perform the traditional lion dance during the Chinese New Year celebration.

For the last three years, the Chinese Department has held a Chinese New Year Celebration to celebrate the Chinese New Year and share its traditions with the students and family members of Cleveland Heights.

Every year since 2017, the Chinese Department has held its Chinese New Year Celebration performance showcasing the talents of the students as well as the rich cultural traditions held by Chinese people during the New Year.

Chinese New Year begins on the first day of the lunar calendar. In western cultures, we use the Gregorian calendar, which is considered a solar calendar. This year, Chinese New Year began on February 5. The celebrations traditionally last 15 days. The 15th day of the New Year is finished out with the Lantern Festival, during which family members gather together for a reunion dinner.

The Chinese New Year performance this year featured many acts, from a traditional fan dance and martial arts show to a modern dance routine and a Kahoot encouraging audience participation. Patricia Chen is a freshman at Heights, and this was her first year participating in the Chinese performance. “It was a very informative experience, I learned a lot of things,” Chen said. “I really liked how there was a portion of the show where the audience got to interact during the Kahoot.”

It is important for high school students in a relatively small community to open their eyes to the world and experience pieces of other cultures to broaden their horizons. Participating in activities such as this one can help to bring parts of other places right here at home.