Heights High Competes at Robotics Competition!


The Heights High Robotics team went to the annual Lorain Robotics competition in February.

On February 2, the Heights Robotics team headed Lorain for the annual robotics competition. This competition takes place every year, and it features many students interested in science and engineering. Sophomore Abby Lauretig competed in the competition for the first time this year and says it has been an important learning experience for her. “It really fosters teamwork and you have to learn unique skills while building your robot.” She says she has learned many new skills like coding and building techniques.

The competition takes place in an arena, where the competitors are divided into either the blue team or the red team. The first half of the competition is autonomous, where each robot has a code that completes by itself. The robot that gets the most points wins. This round lasts for 15 seconds. In the second round, each student controls the robot. While controlling the robot, students earn points by flipping caps, turning flags, shooting poles and getting onto platforms. After a minute and a half, the second round is over and the total amount of points are counted. The students with the most points win.

Lauretig says it is important for people to participate in competitions like robotics because you learn quick thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. “We have to understand what to do to fix something when it isn’t working the way we want it to. Each competition, we come across something more we can do.”