Our Favorite Binge Worthy Shows!


Recently, Netflix, Hulu, and other subscription sites have come out with many binge-worthy TV shows that have caught the attention of millions of students around the world. From crime to drama to romance, there are many options offered that will satisfy anyone!

Claire Hall, a sophomore at Heights, loves the new hit TV series on Netflix called “Sex Education.” The new British TV series came out in early Jan. of 2019 and is about a socially awkward high school student, Otis, and his journey through high school and self-discovery. Someone wrote, “Young or old, in some way or another, you’ll relate to this show.” The show has officially been renewed for a second season and is coming soon!

Madalyn Shelt, a junior at Heights, has been binge-watching the TV show “The Office.” The show was first aired in 2005 and concluded in 2013. However, the entire series remains on Netflix for anyone to enjoy. The show is an American sitcom set at a paper company office in Pennsylvania, and it has a similar documentary style to that of the Ricky Gervais British original show. The show follows characters around during the day that may be extremely similar to those in an actual workplace. “The Office” continues to be an American classic that anyone can enjoy.

Andrew Teets, a freshman at Heights, just discovered the show “Criminal Minds.” With the first episode airing in 2005, “Criminal Minds” has become an extremely popular TV show among millions of people. The show is about an elite team of FBI profilers that analyze the country’s top offenders. With the use of science and psychology, the team is able to predict when the perpetrator may strike again. This show is perfect for anyone interested in crime or thrillers.

If you are looking to spend your weekend relaxing with an entertaining TV show, be sure to check these out!