Poetry Slam Club!


Poetry Slam Club Jocelyn Ola, Elana Pitts, Amy Rosenbluth

Poetry slam club is a fun way to interact with friends and other people in Cleveland Heights High School. Mrs. Bloomberg and Mrs. Lawrence are both the librarians at Cleveland Heights High School and are the advisers of the club. Mrs. Lawrence, one of the librarians at Heights,  said, “The “modern day” version of the club was started when I came to the high school in about 2004. It was a popular after-school activity at the schools I had been at before (Bellefaire and Taylor Academy) so I decided to offer it as an option here.” This club is open to only Cleveland Heights students and is held at the main library in Cleveland Heights. Students can attend once or they can come to every meeting and enjoy and have a great time.

 This club allows students to meet new people and gain a different experience. The Lake Erie Ink organization has always organized and facilitated these meetings and has gotten more students interested to join the club. The club meets once every month. Poetry slam club is an exciting way to connect to the real world and express your feelings and emotion through poetry. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!