Student Focus: Jobs

Italie Demore

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Dashiki Day
March 15, 2019

High school is the time when the majority of teenagers start working at various places around their community. A lot of teens may question their ability to balance both school and work at the same time.

Youtham, a senior at Heights, said that he works about 40 hours a week. He said that it’s not hard to maintain school and work, as long as you manage your time wisely. Youtham gets at least three assignments during the week, and he studies hard for tests.

 Reani, another student at Heights, said that she works every day after school, which is about 40 hours. When she gets home from work she starts her homework. Reani said that she doesn’t really get a heavy workload,  just a few tests throughout the week. She also said that it is not hard to maintain school work along with a job as long as you know your work schedule and manage your time.

Faith, a student at Heights, said she has been working since she was 16 years old. She works every day while also keeping up with her school work and turning it in on time. She gets an essay every week, so she works on it after work to get it done by Friday. She said that time management plays a huge role in having a job on top of schoolwork.

If you are a teen looking for a job, you should try to start with about 10 hours a week and work your way up to see what you and your schedule can handle.