Swim Cadets Celebrate 80th Year with “Glam Life” Show

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Emma Hubbard

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May 9, 2019
Come see the Swim Cadets celebrate 80 years this February!

Jay Levan

Come see the Swim Cadets celebrate 80 years this February!

The Swim Cadets have been a part of Heights High since their formation in 1939; 80 years ago! It is the longest running club at Heights, and their annual show is coming up soon on February 28th, March 1st and 2nd. The club puts together synchronized swimming routines set to music which fits their chosen theme of the year. For the 2018/2019 show, the theme is “Swim Cadets Live the Glam Life!” Tickets are $9 and will be sold at the door, along with being sold by the members of the team beforehand. The show is a very unique and fun experience that most high schools don’t offer and most students don’t get to see.
Grace Peppler was a Swim Cadet and graduated from Heights in 2016. She had done Swim Cadets all four years of high school and was the president of the club in her senior year. For Grace, Swim Cadets was her favorite part of high school, and where she made her best friends that she’s still friends with today. She also loved the physical aspect of it, as doing the moves is difficult and very rewarding when you do them well. Peppler looks back on the show with nothing but happy memories. Beforehand, there are many traditions that the team goes through to make the experience as fun as possible. There is an adrenaline rush during the whole performance, knowing that the show the girls have worked on for so long (the season is almost 6 months!) is finally coming together. Peppler says it was the most important part of her high school experience, and “it’s an experience like no other.”
Sophia Forniti, a Sophomore at Heights, is in her second year of Swim Cadets this season. She agrees with Peppler in that a large group of supportive girls is her favorite and most important part to her. Forniti saw a performance when she was in middle school and was intrigued, it eventually inspired her to try out and join the team herself. The best part of the show for her is the accomplishment when you’re finished, knowing that your hard work paid off. The Swim Cadets practice five days a week from October until March; a huge time commitment. The final couple of weeks before the show are the most stressful, Forniti says, “but seeing the audience’s reaction on show night makes it all worth it.”
The Swim Cadets hope to see you at their performance this year! It is an experience you’ll never forget.