Boys Basketball


Carl M. Jenks

Jaelyn Withers, Senior, Cleveland Heights Vs. Lorain Titans January 11, 2019

The Cleveland Heights boy’s varsity basketball team is doing an amazing job holding a record of 6-4. Captains Robert Morgan, Nigel Martin, and Jaelyn Withers have led the basketball team to a sublime journey. The Heights High basketball players are continually filling the bleachers with excited Tiger nation fans that give the boys motivation and determination throughout the game. The boys shooting guard (number 31), Gregory Pitts, a junior, believes that “The boys will do exceptional this year and with no doubt they will make it to the playoffs.”

Basketball can be a difficult sport, but our Heights players are up for the challenge. With the stands being filled with supportive and Heights fans, the boys are expected to do exceedingly well this year. Don’t forget to come to the basketball games to help cheer on and support our boys! LET’S MAKE IT TO THE PLAYOFFS!