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Italie Demore

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Dashiki Day
March 15, 2019
Movie Review

Last year was a big year for the movie industry. There were many movies that came out throughout the year that caught the attention of the entire country.

 Heaven, a student at Heights, said her favorite movie theater to attend is the Silver Spot, located in Orange Village. She also said that she saw the movie Creed II and that it was a very motivating movie. Heaven highly recommends everyone to go see this movie, however, you have to see Creed I to understand the sequel.

  A senior at Heights, Re’Ani, agreed with Heaven in that her favorite movie theater to attend is also the Silver Spot. Re’Ani saw a lot of movies throughout November and December, but the movie she recommends most is also Creed II. Amber, also a student at Heights, said that she doesn’t have a favorite movie theater and that all of the movies that came out last year were good. She also said when she goes to the movies she goes with a group of friends to make it more fun!

  As we all can see Creed II is a must see for those who haven’t seen it. If you don’t have a favorite movie theater, you should check out the Silver Spot for a great movie experience!