Winter Break Activities

Winter break is for you to be able to spend quality time with your family and friends as you all enjoy the holiday. Unique Mitchell (12), Myles Kennebrew (a student at Wiley middle school) and Myles Colman (12) all enjoyed their winter break. Many of the High schoolers have jobs that they had so they also worked over break. Mitchell said, “I’m looking forward to seeing my family,” when asked what was she looking forward to over break. As far as winter activities, Mitchell doesn’t participate because she doesn’t like the cold, but she used to go sledding at Cain Park a few years ago. Her family has things they do over break. Myles Kennebrew said he was looking forward to Christmas to open his gifts. “I don’t have a job because I’m too young, but I will shovel my neighbors’ yards to make some money so I can get my mom a gift,” he said. He likes to go to Cain Park and sled down the big hill, and he likes to have snowball fights with his friends as far as winter activities. Kennebrew said the “only bad thing about winter activities is that it gets very cold, but I still have fun.” He said he will spend his Christmas at home with his family like he always does and he will go to other family members homes to visit Christmas day. He does spend a lot of time with his friends over break. Kennebrew said that one special holiday tradition is that his mom started this thing where they have Christmas brunch and a lot of family members come out and enjoy it with them. This is their second year doing that. Overall, everyone loves the time off to sleep in, go outside with their friends whatever it is they like to do over break. Happy Holidays!