Heights Holiday Shopping Experiences

As the holiday that everyone loves is approaching us, along with the chill of excitement to receive gifts as well as give them goes down our spine, there is a lot of preparation that goes into Christmas shopping. Erin Mims (Staff), Italie Demore (12th) and A’lyse Barner (Heights Alumni) all had different experiences shopping for their family and friends.
Italie saved up her money for a long time so she could buy gifts. She says she found shopping stressful because if she didn’t go early enough, the items she wanted to buy might not be available. Black Friday is a popular annual event where stores have major sales, but Italie doesn’t like to shop for Black Friday because she says that there’s too many people. Demore did do some online shopping, but that had its own complications.
Erin Mims has her own strategy when it comes to buying gifts. She said that she usually spaces out when she buys certain gifts because she doesn’t like Christmas shopping. Mims said she planned on shopping for 12 people. Mims did some shopping on Black Friday and she also shopped online as well. “I wanted to receive some boots,” Mims said when asked what she wanted to receive for Christmas.
Barner also doesn’t like Christmas shopping very much. “Christmas shopping is stressful, especially when people expect certain things not considering your circumstances such as having bills, etc.” Barner said when she was asked if she liked Christmas shopping or if it was stressful. Barner said she didn’t really care whether she received gifts or not.
Everyone’s experience is different and there may be some people out there who love shopping, but may everyone enjoy the holidays and the time that is used to spend time with their family and friends.