AP Government Takes on Columbus Statehouse

Abra Lisowski

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Hannah Teets, Co-Editor

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Hannah Teets

The Rotunda in the Ohio Statehouse

On November 19, Mr. Wiggins’ AP Government students at Cleveland Heights High were able to tour the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus. During the visit, students were given a guided tour in which they learned the unique history of the Statehouse. They had a chance to explore the building in which legislation is passed and gain a more hands-on approach to what they learn about in class.

Luisa Soreo, a Junior, enjoyed the trip and felt that it was a good way to experience their learning in a more direct environment. She also appreciated the building’s unique architecture, art, and Greek Revival style of the building. “I really liked the paintings in the main room, and hearing about the history behind all of the artwork throughout the building,” she said.

Students also enjoyed seeing the history behind what they learn about in class. Sylvia Snow-Rackley, also a junior who went on the trip, said, “It was fun seeing where so many important governmental decisions are made!” Overall, field trips such as this one serve as a great way for students to be able to connect with the lessons they learn in class.