Celebrity Guest: Meet John Maucere!


John Maucere, a famous deaf entertainer, came and visited the Cleveland Heights High School on Nov. 5 to speak to all of the ASL students at Heights. John Maucere is most famous for his role as Tony in the movie “No Ordinary Hero: The Superdeafy Movie.” During the presentation, Maucere talked about his personal struggles as a Deaf person as well as offering insight on a matter that not many are educated on. Maucere shocked the audience when he said that the movie took 15 years to produce because of the various obstacles he faces on a daily basis as a Deaf person.

David Stewart, an ASL teacher at Heights, has been teaching ASL for 28 years. Stewart is grateful for the fact that his students were able to be exposed to authentic ASL during Maucere’s presentation. “The students also got to hear about Deaf culture from a Deaf perspective.” Learning Deaf culture is a crucial part of learning and understanding ASL. “Knowing about culture helps understand not only the language, but also how Deaf people perceive the world in which we live.”

Joey Minnillo, a freshman and ASL student at Heights, went to the school presentation in the morning and was also able to attend the night presentation! “My favorite part was getting a picture with him!” Minnillo has been taking ASL for two years and loves it. “The language is just so fun to learn and use.” Minnillo looks forward to learning more ASL next year!