The MSAN Mission


Left to right: Davon Beane’, Senior; Damari Lortez, Junior; Senior, Taylorr Thomas; Junior, De’Leah Gray, Junior; Jalen Bush, Senior

The MSAN Club is something that every student wants to join during their high school years. MSAN stands for Minority Student Achievement Network and allows students to become more active in their community. The MSAN Mission is to “understand and change school practices and structures that keep racial opportunity/achievement gaps in place.” MSAN also allows young adults to come together to understand and eliminate the achievement gaps that persist in their school. The MSAN pack takes many field trips going to colleges in different states, going to historical museums as well as many other engaging field trips.

These trips have proven to be very informative and helpful to these young adults that are part of the club. These field trips not only allow students to broaden their horizons, but they open up many doors for students and allow them to gain opportunities that may not be accessible to them without the club. One of the MSAN leaders, Senior Taylorr Thomas, agrees that “MSAN is about closing the achievement gaps and making the academic atmospheres racially equal, we want to see more minorities not only taking rigorous courses but excelling in them as well.” MSAN mainly evaluates programs that are intended to raise the academic achievement of students of color in their community. Junior Issa Augustin-Glave also has something to say about the program as a whole. She states that “MSAN promotes students to achieve beyond measures.” She also states that “We have conferences every year where students across America come and discuss issues they want to change in our schools and last year, Cleveland Heights had the opportunity of hosting. MSAN also does volunteer work, such as the Coventry clean up and feeding the homeless.” 

The MSAN Mission:

To understand and change school practices and structures that keep racial opportunity/achievement gaps in place