AVID Tutors Helping Students of Heights High


Avid Field Trip to Tower City, April, 2018

AVID is a non-profit organization that provides professional learning for educators to improve college readiness for all students. Heights High’s Avid is a very a fun and informative program for many different students.

The teachers and tutors in AVID are extremely productive and engaging. Every Tuesday and Thursday, AVID brings in tutors to assist students with their work in other classes. Many students believe that their actual subject teacher may not be very helpful, so they come to AVID to gain a better understanding by being assisted by their AVID tutor. When students arrive for Avid, they know what is to be expected. They are given an AVID tutorial which breaks down the work they need help with. After completing a tutorial, their AVID tutor then goes through the assignment and allows them to understand the topic a little more. AVID tutors play an important role when it comes to helping students. Heaven Hayes, a senior at Heights High, described the AVID tutors as hard working. “They are very determined to help.” This program has helped many students in the school overcome various obstacles and allowed them to open up more. AVIDis a program that allows you to gain a greater understanding of problems you may have in other subject classes. Many students who join or take AVID will agree that the tutors and teachers are allowing the students to become greater in their subject classes. AVID has been around for a long time and has become a helpful resource for students at Heights. AVID gives students the opportunity to obtain a tutor free of charge. Many students don’t know that they are given opportunities that many other students aren’t able to get. This why as Mrs. Washington likes to say “AVID Big Out Here!”