MSAN Takes on Boston!


Top(Left): Nathaniel Williams and Taylorr Thomas. Top(Right): Taylorr Thomas, Damari Lortez, O’Dasha Blue, Jaylen bush, Davon Beane, Shawn washington, Nathaniel Williams, and De’Leah Gray Bottom(Left): Taylorr Thomas, Claudene McCoy, Leatrice Clark, Nathaniel Williams, Shawn washington, Jaylen Bush, and O’Dasha Blue. Bottom(Right): Damari Lortez, De’Leah Gray, Jada Streifel, and Yasmine Robinson

Minority Student Achievement Network is a national organization with districts all over the country. Cleveland Heights High MSAN students took a trip to Boston this year. Nathaniel Williams, who helped with the planning of the trip, said “MSAN is National organization with districts all over the country and we take turns hosting the annual MSAN conference with around 300 people mostly students. We hosted the Conference last year in Cleveland, but this year it was Brookline’s turn a school district in Boston. Mostly districts volunteer to host the conference. Next year we will be in Madison, Wisconsin.” Eligibility to attend was based on many things such as grades, attitude, and participation. Williams said, “Students were selected for a variety of reasons: willingness to do work and volunteer for MSAN programs, attitude, as well as personality, outspokenness, and creativity.” The purpose of this trip, in Williams’ words, was “to give student ownership in closing the achievement gap that exists for minority students throughout the country. Students are called to action they identify specific issues that they face in their home districts and they come together to create programs to try to solve these problems that they themselves highlighted in order to improve minority achievement.” De’Leah Gray also attended the MSAN trip. Gray enjoyed the trip because they did a lot of activities such as taking a tour of downtown Boston, visiting Harvard, MIT, Brandeis, and UMASS Boston University. They took a tour of the Red Sox stadium, a team that just won the World Series. They also had a party and a student lead talent show. She also enjoyed the food they had on the trip. Gray’s favorite meal was the chicken alfredo. One thing she loved the most was “meeting new people and learning how they wanted to change their school in many different ways.” This was a trip of fun, but also filled with academics, and they enjoyed it all.