Veterans Day

Italie Demore

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Dashiki Day
March 15, 2019

On November 11, 2018, the United States of America dedicates a day to those who have served their country; Veterans Day. There are approximately 20 million veterans in the United States today. This day is celebrated every year to show the veterans that America is thankful and proud of all their hard work and dedication to the country.

There are many students in the school who have family members that are veterans, and they each celebrate in their own ways. Amber, a student at Heights, has a grandfather that is a veteran. To celebrate him, her family has posters and cake to honor his service. She is considering following in his footsteps and joining the Navy. Senior Jasha has an aunt who is a veteran. To celebrate her, their family goes out to eat to honor her and her service. Another student, Willoh, also has a grandfather who is a veteran. Their family also goes out to eat and spends the day together to honor him.

These students and all of Heights appreciate all the hard work that the veterans put in to serve this country!