Thanksgiving Traditions!

Italie Demore

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Dashiki Day
March 15, 2019

On Nov. 22, families all across the country came together to embrace thankfulness, good food, and family traditions! Everyone has their own version of a traditional Thanksgiving. Some people eat soul food, some eat Jamaican food, and some even eat Caribbean food!

Paige, a student at Heights, says that her family has Thanksgiving at her grandma’s house every year. Everyone in her family brings a dish and they all sit at the table where they talk about what they are thankful for. Faith, also a student at Heights, loves macaroni n’ cheese and turkey as part of her Thanksgiving meal. Student Amajih said that her family usually starts dinner before dusk. Her family says what they are thankful for and then start to eat dinner. They also typically rotate houses every year. Amajih loves Thanksgiving because the whole family is together and she gets to see all of her cousins from out of town.

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks and to be grateful. Everyone’s Thanksgiving isn’t the same. Some people volunteer to feed the homeless, donate food, or even run for a fundraiser! Happy Thanksgiving to all!