American Field Service – AFS

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Heights students and teacher benefit from AFS and foreign exchange students. AFS stands for American Field Service; the club meets Wednesdays in Room 324. The foreign exchange students that have come to visit Heights this year come from the following countries: Thailand, Germany, Italy, Chile, Kenya, Senegal, Indonesia, Ghana, and Mali. Madame Woods explained its rewarding to get to know students from different countries and learn about their experiences and how the US differs from their country. Madame Woods explained the AFS supervisor organizes events, activities, and fundraisers for prom. As far as the activities that AFS members and foreign exchange students partake in, here are a few; Scavenger hunts, games in their classroom.,Football games, Cavs games, bake sales, flowers for Valentines Day, Lolli the Trolly, Good Time boat rides,  and movie days. Madame Woods explained in detail that foreign exchange students must fill out an application about themselves to ensure that a student is the right fit. The process can take up to a year.


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American Field Service – AFS