School Lunch


Heights High School lunch is something students throughout the school may or may not count on depending on what they are serving. Some students at Heights High complain about the very food that Heights lunch staff prepares for us is gross and or poorly cooked. Some feel that it’s something they just “throw together” says senior Italie Demore. Although the school lunch may be free, the real question would be is it edible? Many students who get school lunch have complained to the principal and even to the lunch staff about the quality and preparation of the school lunch provided. The school lunch staff say the food is healthy but is it really?

The food served may be somewhat healthy but doesn’t taste or look pleasurable. The pizza for example may come in different shapes such as small and round or a triangular slice. The cheese on the pizza may be burnt or doesn’t contain enough. The hotdogs are usually pink and or undercooked. Students come to lunch just to hang out and eat but usually leaves the eating part out because of the quality of the food. As you look at the very trash cans around the school you tend to see more untouched food rather than just trash. Students complain about the lack of portions, the lack of flavor and or the lack of interest in the non palatable foods served at Heights High. When students go up to get their food, they usually only get a side due to the fact that the meals are either undercooked or just repellent to eat. In order for the students to get only a side, they must get a meal to take with them. By requiring students to get a meal with a side of their choice only increases the chances of untouched disposed of food.