2018 Homecoming Parade


Carl M. Jenks

The Heights High School Marching Band marching up Lee!

On Oct. 12, the Cleveland Heights High School marched down Lee Rd to share school spirit with the community of Cleveland Heights. The parade consisted of the high school marching band, fall sports, clubs, all seven of the elementary schools in the district, Vocal Music Department from the high school and more. With cross country leading the way, the parade started at Fairfax Elementary School and went up north on Lee Rd.  

 Some might call the marching band the backbone of the parade. Greyton Manne, a sophomore and band member who plays the bass drum, enjoys being a part of the marching band in the parade. “I really like the marching band because I think we sound good and perform well. Especially the drum line!” Along with the drum line being the best part of marching band, Greyton also strongly believes that having school spirit is vital for a community to have. “Cleveland Heights High School is the epicenter of the CHUH community. A strong sense of school spirit brings the community together and creates a sense of unity.”

The parade also consisted of the many fall sports that Heights High has to offer. Zoe Burns, a sophomore and soccer player, enjoyed the ebullient and uplifting atmosphere of the parade. “The atmosphere of the parade is inspiring, especially to the younger kids who come out to see their friends and family members in the parade.” Zoe also appreciates how the parade can bring team members together. “My favorite part of the parade is having a great time with my teammates outside of practice and showing the community how close we really are.”

Along with clubs and sports teams, the homecoming parade also involves parents. Sally Kramer loves how many different groups in the community are represented in the parade. “It’s a great way to promote the schools and the many activities that are happening there.” Sally also went on to say, “It’s a great way for the community to show its support for the schools and the other organizations involved.”