2018 Avid Tailgate Party


Senior Taylorr Thomas and her mother

On October 5, the AVID staff and students threw a tailgate party for the students and families in the program. It followed upon kickoff to the Heights football game. Anyone was able to attend and were able to bring any of their family members. AVID teacher Ms. Washington was there and she had a great and new experience. This was one of the first tailgate parties she had ever attended because this is the first time that Heights had ever had one. The purpose was to bring AVID families together from all over the district to network and learn from each other. “Families got a chance to talk about how much AVID can be a valuable resource for students and families throughout the district,” said Washington. AVID is beneficial to all, they consider themselves family in the classroom, so it was amazing to see each student’s family outside of school.

The tailgate party was an idea developed by the Heights AVID staff, to not only bring the families together but to also show the school spirit AVID students have and the support they have for Heights sports teams. Washington stated that “because we could use the event to bring families together from throughout our district, our District Curriculum and AVID Director decided to include both Oxford and Noble Elementary – because they are now AVID schools, as well as both middle schools”. This is another way that students can come together as well as their parents and they are able to see that we are active in our schools and also outside of them. They plan to have two AVID tailgate parties per year, so be on the lookout to attend! It has been said that the next one is planned for the winter, before winter break. If you missed the first one, you’ll want to be sure you make it to the next one.