Fun Fall Activities


The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling down. It must be fall!

Fall is the greatest time of the year and is overflowing with opportunities to have fun and spend time doing what you like. School has started and students are finally settled into their classes and routines for the upcoming year, and there is always something to do. The weather cools down enough for activities to be enjoyable again and traditional fall fun can begin!

Lila Schubert, a junior here at Heights, is most excited for the upcoming fashions of fall, and for the simple event of the leaves changing colors. A local activity she is aware of is the Fairfax Elementary School’s Fall Festival; an evening at the school spent playing games and enjoying the autumn weather. Another activity that is a staple for fall, is apple picking! There are two well-known farms in the Cleveland area that are popular for their apple picking and fruit orchards; Patterson Farm and Eddy’s Fruit Farm. This is a great activity for groups of friends or families to do together. Georgie Jolivette, a senior, is looking forward to fall because of the music that reminds her of it, and Halloween. As a child, she liked to jump in piles of leaves, and now she loves activities such as apple picking, drinking warm apple cider, pumpkin carving, and of course, Halloween. She spends a lot of time with her family and friends during the season, and they do activities together.

Amy Rosenbluth, a parent and community member of Cleveland Heights loves the weather of fall, and the fresh start the season brings. She likes to go apple picking with her friends and family, going on hikes in the woods, and seeing all the local outdoor fairs and farmers markets that pop up with the cooler weather. One of these is the Cleveland Flea, a flea market that has local food and music and tons of cool vendors.

Watching movies is a wonderful way to spend the chillier fall days and nights. A couple favorites of students are Beetlejuice, a fun and somewhat creepy movie about a couple haunting their old home, Nightmare Before Christmas, a classic Disney movie featuring many catchy songs and a feel-good energy, Halloweentown, another Disney movie that follows a girl’s journey as she learns she is a witch, and Good Will Hunting, a movie that is not so cheery but has a good message and is quite the tearjerker.