Back to School

Freshmen Boys at Lunch

Heaven Hayes

Freshmen Boys at Lunch


The time for back to school has begun. Students have to start getting into the books and no more sleeping in. The fun of summer is over and the fun for school is back in session.

The beginning of the year is particularly interesting for the incoming freshmen, the class of 2022. Many of the freshmen had to re-adjust their sleeping schedule. A group of girls explained they feel more grown up and more privileged now that they are in high school. Both the freshmen girls and boys all want to participate in the school by playing a sport. The group of girls also admitted to a few fears; not graduating, getting stepped on by the bigger kids, and getting embarrassed included. For the boy freshmen, one of their fears was getting jumped by varsity. Many of their fears are stereotypical things that happen in movies. Overall, their goals for this school year were to get a 4.0 GPA and meet new people. Students Interviewed: Girls (Ashaunti Griffin, Joy Harris, Janya Franklin, and JAsmine Peterson) Boys (Maurice Hamilton, Neiko Foster, Justin Brown, Jaishawn Matthews, and Jaylon Edwards)

This is the seniors’ last year at Cleveland Heights before they walk the stage. One senior describes the struggle of balancing their social and academic life. “You just have to figure out what’s important at the time and balance it, set a couple hours to the side to complete things,” said Italie Demore. Some of the seniors aren’t sure if they have done everything needed to be successful and some are still trying to figure out what they want to do. Many seniors have grown in different ways; some even messed up their freshman year before figuring out how to be successful.

Some advice they had for the freshmen that are just now entering high school is to actually do your work and don’t let your friends be a distraction to you because they are still going to be your friends come the weekend. They also want the freshmen to know that they can ask for help. The teachers are there for you if you put in the time.

As the seniors start their new journey leaving high school this year, their memories will still be here with the Cleveland Heights High School family.