Heights Girls’ Tennis Team

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The girls’ tennis team is continuing to practice hard despite many setbacks. Although many matches and practices have been canceled due to weather, the team is still working hard to improve. The practices have gotten more challenging compared to last year and the coaches are working hard with the team. Varsity Captain, Junior Sydney Ball said, “The coaches have pushed us to another level this year. Although they are hard on us, it all pays off in the end.”

Sydney is working hard to be a good leader for the team. “My first year as captain has been challenging, but also rewarding. I have enjoyed the responsibility and leadership that I have gained from being captain.” All of the girls on the team try to make practice a fun and positive time for everyone while still being able to focus on the workout. Junior Sylvia Snow-Rackley enjoys the ebullient environment of the team. “Everyone is very encouraging and it’s great to get your daily exercise with such a nice group.”  

Although many matches were canceled, the girl’s varsity team has won matches against Parma, Fairview, St. John’s, and Harvey, only losing to Lakewood. They will continue to try hard when they face more schools as the year continues and at sectionals in October!

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Heights Girls’ Tennis Team