Curriculum Night: Teacher Interviews

On Aug. 31, curriculum night took place at Cleveland Heights High School. The parents were able to come out and meet the new teachers that their children would have this year.

Jessica Hageman, a Geometry teacher, said her main goal this semester is “for the students in my Geometry class to develop key ideas and concepts necessary to understand and apply their learning to multi-step problem solving and modeling next semester”. The relationship between a parent and a teacher is very important. Hageman will keep in touch with parents through email, phone calls, conferences, and the messaging tool, she said. Hageman explained her past teaching experience is helpful, “I feel that my past techniques can still be used, with slight modifications when necessary.  For example, daily bellwork take 10 minutes to complete, review and correct with the class. I’m interested in saving some time during the beginning of class by shortening bellwork questions and/or correcting them at a later time. I believe that it is always important to perfect your craft and use things that you know have been successful and helpful in the past.”

Zackary Tracy, a forensic science teacher, likes to provide relevant experienced learning for students to better understand the world around them. He said his inspiration for becoming a teacher came from his grandfather, who was a professor at BGSU. Every teacher is not the same; they teach differently, they have different feelings about teaching, and there will never truly be duplicates. One unique thing about Tracy as a teacher is he genuinely relates well and has good relationships with his students.

Students should take opportunities to learn about their teachers. Curriculum night provides such an opportunity.