Black Panther Hits the Box Office


Black Panther was one of the most anticipated movies of 2018 and it has definitely earned that hype. Black Panther follows T’challa, the prince of Wakanda as he struggles to fight a new enemy, Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan. T’challa’s journey to become king of Wakanda is hindered by this new villain as they face off in a battle only one will walk away from. Black Panther hit theaters in February during Black History Month and has accumulated 1.2 billion dollars worldwide. The movie contained a lot of small details and themes that the average moviegoer may miss. This article will cover what you may have missed during Black Panther.

This article will contain spoilers so continue at your own risk!

The movie picks up one week after 2016’s Captain America Civil War, in which Black Panther was first introduced played by Chadwick Boseman. He picks up the mantle of the Black Panther, a protector of Wakanda when his father was unfortunately caught in a bombing with other representatives of countries. His quest for vengeance ended when he realized he would have killed the wrong man. Black Panther makes a few references to his journey as he matures into the king his people need. However, the path to become king isn’t an easy one. His first challenge is to defeat a challenger in combat who would also become king if they had won. This man was M’baku, who claimed that T’challa shouldn’t be king because he couldn’t protect his father so why protect a whole tribe. T’challa accepted the duel and had the powers he was granted by the Black Panther stripped away. Of course, he won the challenge and was taken to have a proper ceremony to become king of Wakanda. He was given the fruit and was buried to symbolize his rebirth. He visits the ancestral plane while being buried and speaks with his father. He wakes up and emerges as the new king and Black Panther.

After this scene, a new face pops up. Erik Killmonger, standing in a museum examining the artifacts. He notices one from Wakanda which he instantly points out as being a fake. This is where a lot of the movie’s subtle themes begins. This is as far as the article will go into spoilers.

Erik Killmonger is T’challa’s cousin, who then challenges T’challa to the throne for Wakanda which leaves T’challa little choice to reject the challenge. Erik wins and when they take him for the ceremony after he visits the ancestral plane he declares that he wants to burn all of the fruit so no other black panthers can ever be created. “Erik and T’challa are the mirrors to the real world as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Both had good intentions as they wanted to do the right thing, they just had different views about it,” says Devin McIntosh who has looked into the movie to pick up as much as he could. “Not only does Killmonger want to do the right thing, he just saw things as Malcolm X had, give the defense to the weak so their oppressors won’t bother them anymore.” Killmonger wanted to send vibranium weapons to every country where people of color were looked down on and oppressed. This plan was thwarted when T’challa with the help of Okoye, Shuri, Agent Ross and M’baku came together to defeat him. T’challa saw what his cousin was getting at, but he couldn’t allow it to happen because, like Martin Luther King Jr, T’challa thought there was always a peaceful way to do things.

In the end, Killmonger was defeated after being stabbed by T’challa and, as a final wish, he took Killmonger to watch the sunset. Erik’s father had always said the sunset was beautiful and Killmonger got to experience it right as he perished. His final words to T’challa saying his story didn’t have to end there were“Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who jumped from the ships, because they knew death was better than bondage.” Thus, the movie ended a few scenes later with the Black Panther becoming the king he needed to be for his people.