Teen Library Council Bake Sale: A Huge Success


Kimberly Fisher

Behind the table from back to front: Rohan Bruce, Brielle Boyd, Kevin Oliver, and Rebecca Fisher

The Teen Library Council needed help and the public responded! The Teen Library Council, TLC, held a bake sale on Sunday, Jan. 28, to raise money for Puerto Rico. The teens wanted to help hurricane victims get their lives back from the rubble of their homes. This idea had been kicked around since the beginning of TLC, back in August, and now their ideas have finally come full circle!

The TLC wanted to make sure that there was help going towards hurricane victims. They decided on Puerto Rico in one of the first few meetings because they were concerned that Puerto Rico would not get the support it would need in the long run. United for Puerto Rico is  the organization that they are going to donate to. It is a relief organization that was set up and is run by First Lady Beatriz Rossello. The organization takes donations and distributes them to across the country.

However, TLC was not alone in these efforts. Leading Ladies, an after school program run by Mrs. Desiree Caliguire-Maier, joined forces with TLC to help raise money for the cause. Brielle Boyd, a sophomore and member of Leading Ladies, was hoping to “be part of a solution” to something bigger. “It wasn’t much, but it was something,” Boyd says. She felt refreshed to being able to interact with people who were not focused on academics or self-interests. Boyd felt like she had always been apart of TLC and cannot wait to work alongside them more.

Rohan Bruce, a sophomore and member of TLC, had no idea that the Leading Ladies had joined TLC with the bakesale. Since many people walk into TLC meetings sporadically, it did not surprise her in the least that the Leading Ladies were there and she had not seen them before. To her, they were other teens who wanted to help out with the same cause as TLC.

Rebecca Fisher, the leader of TLC, hopes that more “team-ups” will happen between TLC and school organizations. She was “taken aback” that these young ladies had come in without her having to ask them and especially with their teacher. “I decided to roll with it and was not disappointed.” Fisher commented. They brought more baked goods and helped to make signs promoting the bake sale, which helped give the teens the publicity they needed. Fisher hopes to work more with the Leading Ladies and other school clubs/organizations to create a community and encourage more teens be active in the library, school, and community.