Good Luck to Heights High Senior Tyrke Smith!


Kimberly Fisher

Tyreke Smith, Heights High Senior, has committed to The Ohio State Buckeyes.

Heights Tigers come in many different shades of orange and stripes. Many of the Heights Tigers are mathletes, some are crazy artistic, some are going to be future chemists or geologists, and others could be future engineers. The majority of  Tigers, like Tyreke Smith, seek more thrill and race down the sports track . This Tiger football player participated in Signing Day on Feb. 7th, 2018 and has committed to playing with The Ohio State University Buckeyes. There is more to this Tiger athlete than more realize though.

 As a kid, Smith saw himself playing professionally in the National Basketball Association, more commonly known as the NBA. His idols, LeBron James and Michael Jordan, play in the NBA, so he thought he should too. Upon entering high school, he made the football team thanks to Coach Mack, who talked him into playing football.

As football grew on him, Smith started seeing himself reaching Singing Day as a football player. This goal would help his parents pay for his higher education. He signed on with The Ohio State University because the “coaching staff provided the best support and experience” for him. When he attends in the fall, Smith plans on majoring in Business Management Financing and minoring in Entrepreneurship. After college, Smith hopes to play professional football. While he does not have a “dream team” to play for, he would like to stay close by and play for the Cleveland Browns, his favorite football team.

Looking back on his four years in high school, Smith has no regrets, saying that “God planned my life like this and it worked out.” He does wish that he had gotten into football sooner though. His favorite memories of football is playing with his team, who became his brothers. He loved traveling with them because it took him to so many different places and it was just more time with his football family.

From Heights High to Tyreke Smith, we all wish you the best in your adventures and future in football! Good Luck!