Former Heights Students Play in the Super Bowl

Lyanette Jobson

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Spring Break 2018
March 29, 2018

Fox 8 News recently published an interview with family and friends about former Cleveland Heights High alumni, Jason Kelce. Before his big win in the Superbowl for the Philadelphia Eagles, his close friends and family sat down with Fox news to talk about the upcoming game.

Jackson Henninge, Kyle Mattox, both seniors, watched the interview. Jackson said,“There was a strong sense of support and a welcoming environment.” Kylie added, “I noticed he has a similar mentality as me. When people tell him he can’t do it, he proves them wrong.”

How do students feel, knowing two Super Bowl champions were former students of Heights? Kylie said, “ I think it’s wonderful. It  gives Cleveland Heights a better name. The players can also donate to our school so that other schools can follow.” Henninge explained,  “I’m indifferent, but I guess it’s impressive what they did.”

Other Cleveland Heights graduates have enjoyed success.  Mattox recalled a track star who rose to fame. Jackson knew Lily Hall and her brother.

Henninge and Mattox also discussed how they plan on following their example. Henninge said, “ I will work hard for what I hope for and want to achieve.” Mattox has similar goals and stated, “ I’m going to make a name for myself and come back to my school and donate. I’m nothing without my community because they have helped shape the person who I am today.”

All Cleveland Heights School students can look up to these great role models and strive for greatness too.